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Hi Debbie, 

I just wanted to take a minute and reach out to you- I feel fabulous :) Per your recommendation I’m watching videos on tapping by Robert Smith and I’m trying to do it daily.  I’m feeling relief from my interstitial cystitis flare up. Aside from that I feel lighter, I’m smiling more, I feel more energetic, and I feel hopeful. Which is something I felt like I struggled with for a long time. I find myself saying “I can do that” where my normal default reaction would be to step back. I cannot thank you enough for the work you did with me. Despite discovering something through our work together that could have potentially shattered my world, I’m surprised at this newfound confidence and hope I have. I’m tearing up as I write this. Words can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done for me and with me. Thanks to you I plan to make myself a priority and take care of my body and listen to what it may be trying to tell me. I’m going to ride this high flying feeling for as long as I can! If I need a brush up or would like to do more sessions in the future I will definitely reach out. Thank you for all you do. I’m sure you’ve been the stepping stone for many others to begin their positive journey as well.  I, my inner being, and inner child thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Debbie!  I feel a world of a difference already!  The tapping is working and I can feel the vibration when I tap or anchor myself.  My shield feels nice too.  It feels nice to observe more than react.  Can't wait for our next session. Michael C.


This man is seeking the original source of his health problems and with ERT we found: ”trauma, anxiety and perhaps injury in utero in a car…“ - he checked it out and said: “a note from our discussion was that I asked my parents if there were any angst-filled moments in a car shortly before I was born, and they both said yes. In fact somewhere near Cazenovia's golf course on Route 92, they were traveling in their car and they were hit by not one but two deer, luckily the Saab took the hit quite well.


Dear Debbie - First I have to tell you that you saved my life. I never felt so connected to someone after meeting with you and talking to you. I wanted to write sooner but everything happened so quickly with my Mom.  I am at peace with her dying now, and don't cry as much as before. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart that you were there for me.   S.B.


My sadness left and did not return. B. said that she usually cries everyday over the husband situation and has not cried since Monday. I got a call for  the job. So our time visiting you was amazing! Your gifting is unusual and wonderful. C.C.


I feel good - you know it's almost like I FEEL a layer taken off of me, like a lighter "load" is the only way I can explain it.  E.K.


Hi Debbie - it's been a few days since our Monday session and I want to tell you that my back pain has been cut in half. The first night of our session, I know this sounds weird but this is what happened, when I went into my bedroom to get ready for bed I felt taller. I looked around the room and it just seemed like I was taller, it was just weird. S.G.


I feel great! What a huge change. Thank you so much. I can't wait to listen to the CD. My best friend said I even look different. I think I might want to come back and do a reading or something with you again. It was an amazing life changing experience. It felt like a weight was taken off of my shoulders. S.M.


“I came to Debbie with high anxiety over a solo competition performance.

I had expected a hypnosis session, but she suggested we do Faster EFT beforehand. It was unexpectedly amazing, and so effective I didn’t feel the need for hypnosis. Instead of approaching the competition with dread, I now look forward to it as an opportunity to learn and have fun. Thanks Debbie!” W.N.


I enjoyed working with you during the three sessions of my [Emotion Release Therapy]. I felt ready to release whatever negative emotions or traumas have been holding me back, and I found the techniques you taught me very useful. Between the second and third session, the release of these traumas opened up a new energy within me. I found myself moving forward with confidence in an area of my life purpose that I had previously only dreamed of doing. I also felt my heart open to relationships, and I have since reconnected with a high school sweetheart (from 40 years ago!). I also want to say that it was wonderful to connect with my spiritual guides, actually see them in my mind's eye, and to learn how to reconnect with them through the meditative practice that you taught me. You truly are a light worker! Thanks so much, E. C.


Don't know how you feel about feedback from your sessions, but I just wanted to let you know that I found great relief from attending your [free Emotion Release Therapy] program at Minoa Library last night. I had left work crying, exhausted and totally disheartened that afternoon and wasn't going to go to the session because I literally felt too depressed to move but I thought "Well, why not, it certainly can't make me any worse." I am so very glad I did. I left the library feeling very relaxed and empowered.  That evening, I slept better and deeper than I have in months and for once, didn't awaken feeling more tired than when I crawled into bed! I got up this morning realizing that I had been making choices that were causing me to have stress and only I could stop myself from continuing to do that. I just had to put them into perspective and realize that I could be bigger than the problems. So, I wanted to thank you for putting me on the right track, I feel like I can actually take a deep breath and smile again. L.W.


(Fear of clowns) I don't know if it was the tapping, but I did feel as though I were in a trance of sorts while we were doing it, but I must say that it released more than a fantastically irrational fear of a clown and darkness. It's more, every time my mind glimpses to that, my brain gently reminds itself that it's only a movie that was made long ago. I feel so much more confident and much more relaxed. There's a sense of acceptance that I feel overall. I want to thank you, because you made me feel comfortable enough with my vulnerability regarding the fear to even explore it and to believe that you could help me, which enabled me to even enter your home yesterday with the hope of a different lifestyle.  K.M.


"What a powerful session with Debra Crossman!! I can not describe it in words how amazing, light and completely different I feel! I am full of energy, life, clearness, strength and have so much power! Debbie used all her skills to help me clear a huge issue. We worked for 2 hours and I can safely say she transformed my life right now! Thank you so much Debbie! A.B.


I've had several powerful hypnotherapy sessions with Debbie Crossman via Skype, resulting in movement and new insights in the areas I wanted help with. I can say, without reservation, Debbie is a PRO! I had wondered if hypnosis would be as effective via Skype as it is in person.  I also wanted to work with Debbie, and since she and I live 3,000 miles apart, taking the plunge to find out seemed like the most obvious option to try. I went as deep via Skype -- if not deeper -- as I've ever gone in hypnosis, and have another session scheduled and more planned. The great thing about Debbie is her down-to-earth manner and her compassion and understanding about what ails us (whether body, mind, heart or soul). I always feel HEARD by Debbie. This is what makes working with her so effective.  I highly recommend that you honor your self with her care for your needs. T.C.


I am still amazed at the experience [with ERT], how I remember it all. It is fascinating. I feel healed from any guilt from my relationship with my mother; I have felt this way about my husband for about a year, but the parent/child relationship is so much different, difficult, from which to recover. I feel accomplished, whole, better than I have in years. I can say that I love myself! You have been a major part in my healing, & I truly appreciate your guidance and caring. M.R.


Dear Debbie - Week 1 has gone well.  I am down 4 1/2 pounds and I want to try it again for another week to see if I can keep going. I am sure I will need to be back for a refresher before the holidays, but it has been okay considering Halloween was in the week. I didn't touch the Halloween candy.  I will see how the next week goes.  Thank you for your help. H.B.

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