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My sessions are almost always done by phone or Skype audio, sometimes live chat, available on the weekend for phone/skype sessions and sometimes in the evening up to 8:00 EST. 

The reading can cover everything: past, present, future, romance, career, pets, kids, you name it! However, I no longer use “mediumship” abilities to read deceased loved ones. You are welcome to ask questions.


The length of the reading is entirely up to you, although typically they will be 30 to 60 minutes. In person, they include a CD recording of the reading; over the phone or via Skype audio, I record an MP3 which I send you via a link to Dropbox and you download.

I accept and prefer cash, Paypal, CashApp, and Venmo,  and credit cards if necessary.  


Each 15 minutes is $40:


15 Minutes - $40

30 Minutes - $80

45 Minutes - $120

60 Minutes - $160



Using my unique combination of intuitive readings, facets of magnet release methods, tapping and hypnosis, my Emotion Release Therapy is based on determining what might be the underlying trapped emotions that cause our behaviors. These are subconscious fears, traumas, beliefs or experiences that we rarely remember, but definitely didn't process correctly at the time. As a result, we now might have addictions, behaviors, fears and other conscious actions that are caused by these trapped emotions and reactions in our past. These techniques, when combined, are a powerful and effective way to remove and release these trapped emotions once and for all.

Each session is at least 30 minutes, but hour or longer sessions are recommended. They can be in person for the first session, by phone or Skype audio. I urge you to have the 3-session package, as it's very difficult to complete everything you will need in only one hour. Time for processing and adjusting to what has been released is an integral part of the process, so at least three weekly sessions are strongly recommended.

These sessions are recorded to MP3, and I will teach you the techniques as well. 

30 minutes:  $80

60 minutes   $160

3-Sessions    $480

3-Session Package when paid in full at first session: $450

Any sessions for readings or ERT that are not cancelled within 24 hours are subject to a $25 fee. Any parties or lectures not cancelled within 24 hours are subject to a $50 fee.


I'm also available for house parties, where you as the Host/Hostess receive a free reading for having me come to your home. A minimum amount of people is required, depending on your location, but no less than 8 people besides the hostess. My weekends book up very quickly! Contact me for more details!

Classes are often offered on different topics - let me know what you'd be interested in!

Lectures on a variety of topics are a great way to entertain and inform your audience, whether it's for a civic group, college or corporate setting. Contact me for more details!

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