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Debra J Crossman
Intuitive and Spiritual Counselor
Certified Hypnotherapist
Creator of



Hello, and welcome to my site! I’m a Certified Hypnotist, Law of Attraction coach, tapping and magnet therapy practitioner, and a Spiritual and Intuitive Guidance Counselor. 


A few years ago, I became a born-again Christian, and learned that my God-given gifts include the Gift of Prophecy, Gift of Wisdom, Gift of Knowledge, Gift of Teaching, and Gift of Healing. For the prior 30 years, I called myself a psychic medium, and was quite successful, including many years as the "resident psychic" on radio station 93Q with Ted and Amy. However, I didn't know that my true gifts were greater and more impactful when not being confused with the influence of the negativity in the New Age world. (If you're curious, ask me about this major change in my life - it's pretty amazing!)


Although it seems like much of what I do now is similar to my work in the past, my clients and I know that a huge metamorphosis has taken place! I no longer contact the deceased, as this unfortunately opens me up to those negative energies that can be harmful to me.


One of the changes is that I’ve created Emotion Release Therapy, which uses powerful tools to help release trapped and buried emotions, traumas and memories. The removal of these allows you to be free to have success and happiness in life.

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