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What Can Spiritual and Intuitive Guidance Do For Me?

A "reading" which I receive through intuition and prophetic guidance is very helpful if you are having questions or concerns about romance, finance, career, children, pets, moving, emotional or spiritual problems, or general questions about your past, present and future.


I am extremely adept at reading people in your life, how they feel about you, and what is likely to happen in your life as a potential and probable future.

What Can Emotion Release Therapy Do For Me?

If you have anxiety, stress, depression, panic attacks, or you smoke, bite your nails, binge eat - or worse, you're on the downhill slide with alcohol or drugs, or if you're constantly having money, job or relationship problems - these problems and behaviors are usually symptoms of a deeper issue. We all have many trapped and suppressed emotions lodged in our bodies that are having an impact on us - they cause stress, low self esteem, lack of confidence or self love and cause us to have health, relationship or financial problems as well as phobias, fears and extreme behaviors.

Unless you get to the source of the problem, most superficial "fixes" won't work- diets, behavior changes, pills, all work for a while, but if the underlying reason for the symptom hasn't changed, the problem won't go away.

EMOTION RELEASE THERAPY (ERT) combines hypnosis, tapping, magnets, the principles of the Law of Attraction, and my intuitive counseling and guidance to release these emotions, traumas and memories, solving problems that you may have had for many years. 

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